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Books / Booklets

Theology of His Body / Theology of Her Body

By: Jason Evert

Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body are two books in one that will feed your teens with liberating answers to their most pressing questions about love and sexuality. In it, teens are encouraged to not only learn the truth about their own body, but also to discover the beauty of the opposite sex, for it is in seeing the complementarity of the two sexes that one discovers the real meaning of his or her own body and the invitation to love as God loves.

How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul

By: Jason & Crystalina Evert

While navigating through the dating scene, every woman begins to wonder: How do I know when a guy really loves me? Am I being too picky? Do I even deserve love? Is my relationship worth keeping? Is love worth the risk? Are any decent guys left? Single women often feel left alone to find answers to their deep questions about love and intimacy. Some hang out and hook up, hoping for love. Others are afraid even to hope. At some point, every woman needs reassurance that she and her standards are not the problem. In How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul, you’ll discover twenty-one strategies to help you raise the bar, instead of sitting at it, waiting around for Mr. Wonderful.

Emotional Virtue

By: Sarah Swafford

Drama-free relationships . . . Do they exist?

Today’s dating scene is more complicated than ever, especially with social media, texting, and the endless pressure of the world’s expectations. Learn how to navigate through the confusion and discover the freedom that comes from living a virtuous life.

Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves

By: Jason Evert

Although there are countless ways to study Saint John Paul the Great, the most direct route is by entering the man’s heart. Discover the five greatest loves of Saint John Paul II, through remarkable unpublished stories about him from bishops, priests, his students, Swiss Guards, and others. Mining through a mountain of papal resources, Jason Evert has uncovered the gems and now presents the Church a treasure chest brimming with the jewels of the saint’s life.

Gift of Life and Love

By: Dr. John J. Billings

This booklet is for those thinking of marriage, or those already married. It explains many aspects of the rich teaching of the Catholic Church on love in marriage and responsible parenthood. It offers particular guidance on the Billings Ovulation Method as one of the most effective and widespread methods used successfully for the achievement or the postponement of pregnancy, – nurturing love, co-operation and understanding between husband and wife.


Pure Love

By: Jason Evert

This booklet is the result of countless interactions between Jason Evert and teenagers during his seminars on chastity. It is the ideal complement to classes on human sexuality. In an easy to read question and answer format, Pure Love is a great introduction to the topic of chastity or abstinence. You’ve heard the questions before:
  • Is sex bad?
  • Isn’t everyone else doing it?
  • What’s wrong with pornography?
  • Aren’t I being good as long as I don’t have sex?
  • These questions and more are all answered in Pure Love.

    Green Sex

    By: Jason Evert

    First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then what?

    If sex is natural, why are we so eager to make it artificial? Find out how God’s plan for human sexuality is good for your body and good for your soul.

    Contraception: Why Not

    By: Janet E. Smith

    Why the Catholic Church keeps insisting, in the face of the opposite position held by most of the rest of the modern world, that contraception is one of the worst inventions of our time. 

    Sexual Freedom

    By: Christopher West

    If you can’t say no to sexual desires, what is your yes worth? Freedom exists for the sake of love. However, the modern idea of it leads to slavery. Discover how authentic sexual freedom can deliver us from the empty promises of “sexual liberation.”

    Parenting for Purity

    By: Jason Evert

    Want to be the #1 influence on your teen’s sexual behaviour?

    You already are. Now learn ten strategies to guard the innocence of your family and communicate the message of chastity to them.


    Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition (ages 15+)

    By: Brian Butler, and Jason & Crystalina Evert Every day your teens are thinking about their sexuality as they search for meaning in their lives. Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition is a program for Catholic teenagers based on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body that helps them understand the meaning of their bodies, the significance of their sexuality, the purpose of their lives, and how they were uniquely created for greatness. Using a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and references to the culture that teens understand, TOB for Teens: High School Edition takes the two hottest topics on the planet – God and sex – and “marries” them through Pope John Paul II’s compelling vision for love and life. Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition answers such questions as:
  • Why did God give us our sexual desires?
  • What is the difference between love and lust?
  • What does our sexuality teach us about God?
  • Can Christ bring healing to me if I’ve already “messed up”?
  • What is the “language of the body” and how do I “speak” it?
  • How can I discover my vocation?
  • How far is “too far”?
  • How can teens remain pure in our oversexed culture?
  • Does waiting for sex make marriages stronger?
  • Is there any hope for overcoming lust and pornography? …and many more.
  • Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition (12-14 years old)

    By: Brian Butler, Jason Evert, and Colin & Aimee MacIver

    There is little doubt that pre-teens are in an often confusing time of quest and discovery, especially with issues concerning their bodies, their sexuality, and their future. This series has been developed to help educators, youth ministers, and parents successfully deliver solid and relevant answers. This 8-session program, specifically designed for 6th through 8th grades, can be used as a stand alone program, but works perfectly as a precursor to the High School Edition, and includes a Leader’s Guide, a Student Workbook, a Parent’s Guide, and an exciting and dynamic DVD component.

    Crisis Pregnancy

    Crisis Pregnancy

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