Corpus Christi College

Thanks very much to the ladies at Corpus Christi College who had many creative pieces to share. Here is

one of them on Pornography– 
A night I was watching porn
with a side of butter popcorn
De scenes made my eyes open big
My mind grew to d size of a pig
I did not know what to think
See this lady in a red suit
I ain’t go lie she look real cute
But she was selling her body for one hungry hundred dollar
I would feel so ashame if I was her mother
;”>Diz Rasta man sitting there with a big smile on his face
B’cuz he know exactly what was going to take place
As he pulled the lady closer, he watched her like he did not luv her
The sight of that turned me off, my little night of pleasure was distort
How could diz feel so wrong, my love for porn was lost
Before I used to watch it like ah boss
Something struck me saying watching porn is wrong my sister
All d porn you watch you will never get a Mister
If you continue all your friends will diss yuh
So go tell the world porn is wrong
And when yuh done
Finish eat yuh popcorn