Holy Cross College, Arima

Thanks to all the young men at Holy Cross College for your great participation. Here is one of their contributions on "Being Chaste" -

The Voice That Said "Be Chaste"

Was in this Party
Beautiful eyes looking at me
Lovely figure, the number eight
Mind was uneasy, heart was at race
All I was thinking was to have sex in a comfortable place
There was something I remembered, a strange word called “chaste”
But my mind was not pure, it was not clean
All I could think is lust with this beautiful woman looking at me
All my friends said that’s a sexy body that’s all for me
But a voice said “chaste”
Pure at conscience, pure at taste
The voice said “Son do not break the commandments I’ve put in place”
“You are my child, do the right thing”
“It should be forever-lasting, not a one-night swing”

And another contribution on the struggle between "Love and Lust" -

He wants to love
Does he have to lust?
He wants her heart
Also her other parts
He wants to care
Does his tongue have to be in her ear?
She wants his love
He wants her behind
The world uses screens for pleasure
He loves it too
She wants a gentleman
He wants her nude
So he hiding
You know what he watching
Stuff with woman
Oh no, another one…