Holy Cross College, Arima Oct 2016

The Difference Between Love and Lust (Skit)

The curtains open revealing a young couple in a dark street.


Boy: Hey is was great (he sighs) wish evening wasn’t over yet.
Girl: The same here, but we can arrange to meet each other again.
Boy: I have another idea going (he smiles).
Girl: (surprised) What do you have in mind?
Boy: Well, I was thinking I should spend the night at your house and maybe leave in the morning…c’mon I really love you…it will be great.
Girl: I’m not so sure about this (she pauses). Actually, it sounds like a great decision.
Boy: Sweet, well point me to your place. Let’s go…
The curtain closes and reopens showing a semi-lit room. The couple is caressing each other. 
Boy: Hey Honey?
Girl: Yes, what’s up?
Boy: Are you sure you love me?
Girl: Yes, why would I not?
Boy: (reaches at her legs) Well then, have sex with me.
Girl: Oh I’m not sure, I’m not ready…
Boy: C’mon, it’ll be fun. We can call ourselves one.
Girl: But we’re not married yet and…
Boy: Shhhhh. No one would know. Besides what could possibly go wrong?
Girl: Well I guess you’re right.
He reaches forward and their lips meet. The light goes dim and curtain closes. They later have sex that night and soon after the boy leaves her.


Man: Wow, well it’s finished. The ceremony is done…phew that was intense

Woman: Ha ha ha, don’t be that way. At least now we can settle and make bigger decisions.

Man: Ya, that’s good. Like our first baby?

The couple laughs, then sighs.

Man: Yes a child, that sounds good.

Woman: Well I think I’m ready for it. Besides we prayed for this and talked about it already.

Man: Yes we did. I love you.


Divorce is bad and should be avoided

It shouldn’t be toyed with

We’ll give you the reason

As to why it’s as bad as treason.


Families suffer

Children wonder

Why parents are never there

Sitting with them on a chair

At night reading them a story

This may even cause them to worry.


Divorce strikes swift

And is as cruel as a blade

One not of grass, but made of steel.


If a woman is pregnant

And the parents split

Then realization hit

Like a truck when the child realize

That the father nver surprises

Them with a birthday gift.


The child may wonder

When they’re playing up yonder

At the park, their thoughts may be dark

They see families pass by

And may even cry

When their other parent never comes.


Divorce is bad

And should be avoided

It shouldn’t be toyed with

Because the one it affects the worse

Is the child.