St. Mary’s College

Thanks to the many contributions from the fellas down at St. Mary’s College during our one-day retreat! :)

Here is an example of their creativity with the topic of “Chastity”:

She wanted to have sex But Jesus Christ say “Not Yet”
I find it hard because she was so damn bess She was better than the rest
I wanted to grab her *****
I wanted to eat a food
But Jesus kill de mood I thought that was the way to live my life
>But I go preserve all of this for my future wife
I wanted to do it so bad I got kinda ****
And it made me mad
At the end of the night it was just us two
So I asked her what ya gonna do?
I hope and pray that just you two knew that saying “Good Night in the Light” was the best thing to do…at your age when you are not thinking of Marriage, why go alone in a dark corner with a girl (or guy) you are really attracted to? It ONLY spells TROUBLE…if you want to keep Chaste, you need to RUN (don’t just walk, but RUN) from getting sexually aroused…and that means no dark corners, avoiding being alone together (just you two), going out in groups and enjoying each other’s company there….and please GET TO KNOW the person, not just appreciate their looks! This takes time…no rush, especially if you are not planning to get married soon!