St. Mary’s College March 2017


Divorce could make a child mad or sad
It could make them want to cry and no matter how hard they try, they feel to die
Divorce can affect the whole family in different ways
How they are feeling is like their soul is peeling
It could affect the family financially
As the parents bark at each other
The child feels bad about his mother
To the mother, the father no longer throw a kiss, instead a raging fist
Instead of delight, the child feels to fight…

Say No to Porn

Porn isn’t good
But you watch it cuz you could
You like seeing those ladies naked
And you wish you could be the one taking her virginity which is sacred
But really could it be that easy
Cuz your living in a little porn fantasy
So what I really have to say
Is that you stop watching porn today
Cuz it can make your life worse in every way
Even those hentai games you play
Porn can make you lust, which can lead to rape
And that’s not the road you would like to take
Cuz sex has a risk of getting infections that can’t fade
Like crabs, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS
Porn can mess up your mind
And it really isn’t kind
Thinking about women as objects any time
To end off
Porn is bad
And please stop doing it cuz it makes God sad