St. Anthony’s College

Hi all :) We received some fantastic pieces of Group work from the one-day “Is Love Forever?” seminar a couple weeks ago at St. Anthony’s College. Have a look –
On what is means to be Chaste:
C – commitment
H – holy
A – acceptance
S – self rigtheousness
T – time shared together
E – equality

On Divorce:

It’s a daily thing Mom & Dad fighting, screaming before my eyes, it makes me fantisize about better times. I stand there observing, confused and wondering where the love went, there’s no emotion, my parents are no longer heartfelt. Dad grabs the belt to release his tension, the blows numb my body and heart. I’m in suspension. Craving attention. I lash out, no matter how hard I scream and shout, the pain doesn’t go away. Cold showers can’t even wash it away. Maybe if someone would show me love today, it would take me to a better place, one of which, I would want to stay.
Remember this everyone, Jesus loves each one of you dearly. You are precious in his eyes, turn to him in the hard times at home. It may not seem like He is listening, but He is. He will point the way, just Trust in Him! Open your eyes and your hearts to His LOVE! Chastity is beautiful, stay chaste! Sending love and prayers your way.