Holy Name Convent Point Fortin

Be Chaste

When it comes to love
We find that it must be all about sex
But that is not it
When it comes to love
It’s all about being chaste

It’s about keeping your purity
Waiting for the right person
Loving that person with all your heart
And respecting them as you would respect yourself

Wait for the right person
Wait for Marriage
Say no to sex and be chaste
Because with love you are chaste


Divorce, the hardest part of a Marriage
Divorce, something that tears a family apart
Divorce, causes pain and has no gain
Divorce, children crying, parents fighting
Divorce, love is lost by another’s actions
Divorce, secrets in four walls, become a lotst cause
Divorce, when ove was there, but no one cared
Divorce, I’ve heard the cries of sorrow at night
Divorce, a family broken, a heart shaken
Divorce, the hardest part of a Marriage…

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