Stheart-up: A Dating Website!

How a dating website from the caribbean is catering for single proffesionals during a pandemic… beyond!

When global events occur, its effects are felt by almost everyone, whether you’re from a metropolis or a burgeoning island in the Caribbean Sea.

Let’s cast our minds back to a little over 10 years ago when our world’s economy was plunged into a recession. Those directly affected, including us millennials fresh out of school, were faced with the sobering reality that the “job security” which was once enjoyed by our parents, would be off the table for most of us.

Yet, for many millennials, there was something deeply amazing about this. If we were to survive, we would have to create our careers for ourselves.

And, what’s better for a millennial than running their own ship!

Fast forward now to present times. 2020. A year so many of us were looking forward to – but then…a pandemic hit.

Almost no one alive today has ever experienced anything on a scale as this. Such an occurrence has forced the world as a collective to pause and reflect on many things…including the fact that life really, really, really is short. In other words: we need to make the most of it – stat!

And for those coming to terms with the reality of the pandemic while sitting in our rooms, locked away in our homes, detached from the wider world, and understanding (perhaps for the first time) the importance of no longer taking life for granted, we have found ourselves thinking really deeply about so many things, especially, well… that special person for our lives.

Taking all of this into consideration, was born (FYI: It’s pronounced: “Startup” – as it was created for the single owners of Start-ups and other career professionals)!

The main question the minds behind Stheart-up wanted to answer when developing this site was: how do you create a dating website for purpose-driven, dream-chasing professionals, who are ready to find their life-long equal?


They came up with the following:

1. Single, Purpose-Driven Professionals crave Deeper Connections – they aren’t looking for “hookups”:

The owners of spoke with several single, young professionals and discovered that at the heart of it, they’re searching for the same thing: someone who understands and respects their drive…and someone who is simultaneously chasing after their dreams. Their ideal partner recognises that life is a gift; that time is crucial; that hard work and determination are essential; and that becoming the greatest version of oneself is an undisputed attraction. It is further hoped that through a website such as this, single professionals would find someone with whom they can (finally) have higher-level, stimulating conversations.

2. They want Confidence that the site attracts people like them. 

The team has put a series of measures in place so as to create a community of like-minded individuals. Firstly, there are two ways to sign up at either a) by logging in via Linkedin: which is perhaps the world’s largest online platform for professionals; or b) by answering Stheart-up’s 20-plus “About You” questionnaire. This questionnaire is specifically tailored for single career professionals, especially entrepreneurs, who desire wholesome, healthier and more meaningful relationships. This questionnaire is not only integral in terms of triggering the matching algorithm, but it was another feature put in place to help ensure that’s community of users are on a similar path in life. Research shows that most people who are looking for ‘quick and easy’ relationships would not bother to complete a questionnaire of that nature; whereas those who are, are much more likely to!

Another feature which gives users confidence is the “Unfriend” button. This allows users to remove anyone with whom they no longer wish to have contact. Users can also reach out directly to the team to report any safety issues.

They can also choose which information about themselves they wish to share with everyone; keep private; or reveal to a select number of people.

Lastly, which has a free plan, also offers a very affordable paid upgrade (US $5.99/month). Again, research reveals that people looking for more serious, longer-lasting relationships would not be averse to a paid platform. The paid version’s features rival those of most major dating websites on the market today, with the added bonus of offering Entrepreneurs the opportunity to Advertise their businesses!

3. They want Confidence that the site attracts people like them. 

This after all is the point of an online dating site: to effectively connect people through digital technology. On the free plan, users can search for potential partners, send friend requests (unlimited), view profiles; and directly message (up to three) persons they’re interested in. For just a US $5.99/month upgrade, the full scope of features are theirs! They can directly message unlimited people; they can take advantage of the instant messaging feature; they can even enjoy the ever-popular Video Chat service: whilst running Ads for their businesses – along with many other  target=”_blank”>features!

4. They want to Choose their Partner, and not leave this solely up to a dating algorithm.

Want to know how compatible you are with someone on Just check out their profile and you can see the percentage to which you are matched with them. However, the team has given the power of choice of partner to our users. Whilst most dating platforms choose your matches for you, and don’t allow you to seek out potential partners on your own, places that power squarely in our users’ hands. The target=”_blank”>Find Your Match” search feature, our primary feature, allows users to explore the people on the site, and enables them to add and contact them if they wish. The site just gives you a little nudge by displaying your match compatibility percentage as mentioned above. is very new – yet, already, the reviews from our users are amazing!

“I love the idea of this site. Being an entrepreneur, who is also studying, I find it a challenge to meet and get to know people nowadays, especially during these Covid times. is a great, safe alternative for me.”

“Due to the fact that is user-friendly, and we are still in Covid times, this would be a safe way to meet and interact with new people.”

“I believe that presents a level of compatibility and like-mindedness that other dating websites do not focus on.”

“I personally know quite a few young professionals like myself who are so caught up in their day-to-day activities and their work, that it’s tough for them to find someone to date in the traditional way. I definitely recommend this site!”

Are you (or do you know) a single professional looking for a deeper, more lasting connection?

Join today!



Stheart-up: A Dating Website!

Posted by BOMA-TT on November 23, 2020 at 2:10 PM